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Carbon Deposit Removal with TerraClean in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear

Improve your vehicle's fuel economy and enjoy a smooth ride with assistance from our TerraClean™ specialists. At Peartree TerraClean in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, we take expert care of your vehicle's engine by delivering top-quality carbon deposit removal services.


Prolong the life of your vehicle by allowing our experts to offer a quality TerraClean service. We remove carbon deposits from your vehicle's engine components, resulting in enhanced performance. For added convenience, we offer our Terraclean treatment both as a mobile service and at our depot. TerraClean helps to:

  • Restore Fuel Economy

  • Smooth Idle by Increasing Lambda

  • Regain Vehicle Performance

  • Save on Costly Repairs

  • Efficiency Component Life

  • Give Immediate Drive-Away Difference

  • Keep Your Car in Top Condition

After allowing our experts to clean your car's engine, you will enjoy a smoother throttle as well as better pickup and miles per gallon. Ideally, the TerraClean service should be completed annually to prolong the life of your vehicle. By ensuring your vehicle's engine is expertly cared for, you avoid costly repairs in the long run. We provide our TerraClean service to full fleets or single vehicles, including:


  • Small Cars

  • 4x4s

  • Estate Cars

  • Motorbikes

  • Boats

Catering to All Vehicles

Look no further than Peartree TerraClean for an exceptional auto care service, no matter the type of vehicle you own. Since launching TerraClean in the UK, many thousands of vehicles have benefitted from this unique service. We cater to petrol and diesel vehicles of all sizes and you will always receive the perfect service. We offer the following TerraClean services:

Our First Service

Our first TerraClean service involves cleaning your vehicle's fuel system. This lasts approximately 60 minutes.

Our Second Service

The next TerraClean service we offer includes cleaning your vehicle's catalytic converter. This lasts approximately one hour.

Our Third Service

This TerraClean service involves cleaning your vehicle's exhaust gas recirculation valve and lasts approximately two hours.

Our Fourth Service

We clean your vehicle's diesel particulate filters. Exclusive to diesel engines, this TerraClean service lasts approximately two hours.

Supporting a Strong TerraClean Network

Since dramatically expanding in 2012, the TerraClean network has established strategically located operators. Of course, our operators are part of devoted automotive organisations and professionals committed to making TerraClean accessible for all. We strive to accomplish our vision of making TerraClean a service located conveniently for all UK motorists.

Contact Our Experts

Simply contact our auto experts via telephone or Facebook to discuss your needs. Once you get in touch, we arrange an appointment at our depot. Alternatively, we arrange to travel to your location, which may be your home or place of work. When you call us, we provide a quote for your desired service. Of course, you always receive exceptional value for money at Peartree TerraClean.

CONTACT US, in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, to find out more about theTerraClean and carbon deposit removal services we offer trusted auto experts.